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Assist customer service staff

Provide excellent customer service


Quickly understand incoming customer information

Displays caller information for the current call and retains the data until the next call. Allows agents to quickly view customer details on subsequent calls.

Call history

This feature displays the last 10 call logs, providing clear details of the caller and receiver. This includes information such as call duration, call status (answered or not answered), and whether the call was transferred to another colleague.

Quickly understand incoming customer information.png

Share customer information
Build an efficient customer service team

When a caller contacts an agent, the My Talking Clients section displays existing information related to the task, such as product inquiries, quotes obtained, or orders placed. Agents can also create new task records to track progress or assign new tasks.

Agent status

The extension function displays the colleague's internal number and call status, such as idle, in call, resting, offline, etc. Agents can customize the people displayed.

Agent status.png
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