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Respond to or redirect customer calls automatically

Provide a better customer call experience

First you need to understand what is IVR?

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a technology for interaction through voice that is used to automatically handle the needs of callers. It is commonly used in customer service centers, call centers and telephone systems to provide convenient service and solve problems. The IVR system allows callers to interact using voice commands, menu selections, or entering numbers, and provides corresponding responses or services based on their input.

The main purpose of an IVR system is to provide a convenient and efficient customer service experience. When callers dial a company or institution's phone number, they are directed to an automated system that uses voice prompts to provide instructions and options. Callers can interact through voice or key input according to their needs, such as answering questions, querying information, handling specific business, or being transferred to the corresponding department.

Automatically sort and distribute incoming calls

When there are more than two specialists who can answer the call at the same time, the call allocation mechanism will be assigned to the corresponding specialists according to the selected algorithm to ensure that the team's workload can be evenly distributed and avoid the situation where a few specialists are overworked. .

Auto answer

When a customer calls, the IVR will pick up and respond immediately, so the customer doesn't have to wait holding the phone. IVR can understand the customer's needs and assign the call to the most appropriate person to answer it.

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