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CALL BUDDY is a communication management solution that is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. This system can help you understand and manage current line status and allocate personnel more accurately. With CALL BUDDY, you can observe the phone status of each employee, whether they are on a call, idle, or busy. On the other hand, when you need to transfer a call, you can quickly find an available employee to answer and avoid situations where customers’ calls go unanswered.

In addition, CALL BUDDY also provides a missed call follow-up feature to improve the communication with customers. When a customer calls your company but is not connected, the system will remind you so that your team can follow up on these missed calls in a timely manner. This way, you can more effectively handle customer enquiries, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

System Introduction

CALLS BUDDY lets you see how many calls are being made on each line, see who called recently, and control the status of each agent.

Operator Panel

Users can use the operator panel for live paging, emergency alarm, high-definition background music, scheduled broadcast, etc.

Management System

Centralized management system for all authorized PBX devices for troubleshooting, switching appliances on and off remotely.

SIP Proxy Services

No fixed public IP, third-party DDNS services, or VPN router is needed. Remote extension registration has never been easier!

*The asterisks are value-added services and must be purchased with the Cloud PBX plan.

Scalability and flexibility.png

Scalability and flexibility

Cloud PBX has good scalability and can flexibly increase or decrease the number of extensions according to the needs of the enterprise. This resiliency allows businesses to easily respond to business expansion or contraction without the need for expensive equipment upgrades or replacements.

Easy management

Call Buddy provides a professional online management backend, allowing managers to set the company's greetings, break times, employee extensions, etc. anytime, anywhere. The interface is simple and easy to use, even if you are not an I.T person, you can easily adjust the settings according to the company's needs. , and take effect immediately.

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Easy management.png
Protect employee privacy.png

Protect employee privacy

Mobile extensions allow employees to maintain their privacy without having to give their personal phone numbers to customers. When dialing a customer from a mobile extension, the caller ID number that the customer sees is the company representative number, which can enhance the professional image.

More Features

  • IVR

  • Caller ID

  • Video Call

  • Paging and Intercom

  • Follow Me

  • One Number Stations

  • Music on Ringback

  • Call Queue

  • PIN Set

  • 3-Way Calling

  • Conference Calls

  • Call Parking

  • Call Waiting

  • Call Pickup

  • Call Transfer

  • Call Forward

  • Call Recording

  • Voicemail

  • Call Spy

  • Do Not Disturb (DND)

  • Distinctive Ringtone

  • DISA

  • Time Conditions

  • One Touch Recording

  • Wakeup Call

  • Smart DID

  • Blacklist

Plans and prices

Waiting Room

3 users

288 HKD/moon

  • 3 freely distributing units

  • 1 company number

  • Includes PBX functionality

  • Can make 2-line calls at the same time

  • Support voicemail

5 users

488 HKD /moon

  • 5 freely distributable units

  • 1 company number 

  • 5 direct numbers

  • Includes PBX functionality

  • Can make 2-line calls at the same time

  • Support voicemail

10 users

988 HKD /moon

  • 10 freely distributable units

  • 1 company number 

  • 10 direct numbers

  • Includes PBX functionality

  • Can make 4-line calls at the same time

  • Support voicemail

20 users

1,888 HKD /moon

  • 10 freely distributable units

  • 1 company number 

  • 20 direct numbers

  • Includes PBX functionality

  • Can talk on 6 lines at the same time

  • Support voicemail

If you need more users, please contact us and we will provide you with the most suitable solution and price.

value-added services

Waiting Room


150HKD /month/start

The system can help you easily manage line status and allocate manpower more accurately. You can clearly see each employee's phone status, whether they're on a call, idle, or busy. In this way, when you need to transfer a call, you can quickly find an idle employee to ensure that the transferred line can be connected smoothly and avoid the situation of no one answering the customer's call.

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local phone number


You can add a direct line number to serve as a direct line for a specific person, group or location, eliminating the need to go through the company's switchboard and greetings, and serving customers more quickly.

Automatic Voice Response Service (IVR)

100HKD/Article /month

Set up an automatic voice response service to process calls according to preset rules, for example: press 1 for Cantonese, press 2 for Mandarin, etc...

*All value-added services must be purchased with Cloud PBX plan.

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