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Automatically generate reports

Gain a clear understanding of corporate communications


Answering status

Reports can help supervisors understand the distribution of various answering conditions, including received calls, missed calls, hang-ups, missed messages, etc. If you find that the number of missed calls or hang-ups is increasing, you may need to further evaluate issues such as whether the number of specialists or dedicated lines is sufficient.

Talk time

The call time report can help supervisors understand how long customers stay at each stage after entering the line, including IVR time, waiting time, specialist ring time, call time and other information. If you find that the ring time of a specialist has suddenly spiked in recent days, you may want to find out more about whether any specialists need assistance.


call volume

The call volume report can help supervisors understand the trend of call volume and call time in the customer service center on weekdays, and can also view incoming and outgoing calls separately.

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