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No need to install a phone system

Pick up your IP phone and start talking


Easy to Use
All in one

CALL BUDDY is a communication management solution that is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. This system can help you understand and manage current line status and allocate personnel more accurately. With CALL BUDDY, you can observe the phone status of each employee, whether they are on a call, idle, or busy. On the other hand, when you need to transfer a call, you can quickly find an available employee to answer and avoid situations where customers’ calls go unanswered.

In addition, CALL BUDDY also provides a missed call follow-up feature to improve the communication with customers. When a customer calls your company but is not connected, the system will remind you so that your team can follow up on these missed calls in a timely manner. This way, you can more effectively handle customer enquiries, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Queue status

Let us show you how the queue groups are arranged so that the waiters and management can keep track of the current call status.

Phone Statuts

display the instant status of all company phones, such as online, offline, in call, call time, etc

Missed call

record and search missed call records to arrange and follow up on reply time and progress


generate different reports, help company to understand important information such as communication status at different timeslots, in order to make long-term plans for the future

Has PBX functionality

Our cloud IP telephony solution combines all the features of a Cloud PBX, giving you easy access to high-quality calls, voicemail, call management, conference calls, and cross-region communications for a convenient and superior communication experience without installation.

Physical phone operations

Having a physical IP phone means you can enjoy a similar look and action to a traditional phone, making calls more comfortable and comfortable for you.

cost saving

Our cloud IP telephony solutions not only provide powerful communication capabilities, but also help you save costs. Through our solution, you do not need to purchase expensive hardware equipment, nor do you need to perform cumbersome setup and maintenance.


Choose to rent an IP phone

Waiting Room

*Must be selected with Cloud PBX plan.

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