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Cloud Softphone

The best cloud communications solution for SMEs


Call reminder

use pop-up notification window to instantly display caller’s information with better preparation for customer service

Phone status

instantly display all employees' phone status and reduce the chance of unanswered calls


generate different reports, help company to understand its current status and make long-term plans for the future

Voice record

automatically record all conversation with customers, help employees to search, reply and follow up

Line distribution

assign different employees to answer specific line or phone number in order to increase customer service

Easy to Use
All in one

CALL BUDDY is a communication management solution that is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. This system can help you understand and manage current line status and allocate personnel more accurately. With CALL BUDDY, you can observe the phone status of each employee, whether they are on a call, idle, or busy. On the other hand, when you need to transfer a call, you can quickly find an available employee to answer and avoid situations where customers’ calls go unanswered.

In addition, CALL BUDDY also provides a missed call follow-up feature to improve the communication with customers. When a customer calls your company but is not connected, the system will remind you so that your team can follow up on these missed calls in a timely manner. This way, you can more effectively handle customer enquiries, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.



We offer an internet-based telephone system that supports remote work. With this system, employees can conveniently use the company phone without being restricted by geography. Our solution provides a high-performance-to-price ratio and excellent management tools that help improve performance and reduce costs. Through this system, you can maintain good communication with customers, enhance customer experience, and increase business opportunities. Additionally, our intelligent routing function can improve work efficiency by directing incoming calls to designated employee, reducing the need for transfer lines. This will save time and increase customer satisfaction.

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Support Work from Home

by using internet-based telephone system, employees can call and receive calls using  company  telephone system without coming back to office

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Increase business performance and lower the cost

to equip with excellent management tools with affordable setting up cost


Enhance business opportunities

refine the communication flow with customers, enhance consumer experience and increase business opportunities


Improve productivity

By routing customer calls to the relevant lines through the system, employees can answer the most appropriate calls, reduce the chance of call transfer, and thus improve productivity


Key Features

Queue status

Let us show you how the queue groups are arranged so that the waiters and management can keep track of the current call status.

Voice Recording

record, search, and download all conversation recordings with customers for record, replies and follow-ups

Phone Statuts

display the instant status of all company phones, such as online, offline, in call, call time, etc

Queue management board

You can see how many people are in each queue, how many are on the phone, how long they are waiting, and how many have hung up.

Missed call

record and search missed call records to arrange and follow up on reply time and progress

Queue management

manage call answering rules, assign different employees to answer specific line or phone number


generate different reports, help company to understand important information such as communication status at different timeslots, in order to make long-term plans for the future

Pop-up notification window

instantly display customer information when receiving a call

More Features

  • Customer follow-up

  • Queue management

  • Voice report

  • Incoming call pop-up screen

  • queue status

  • video call

  • Paging and intercom

  • Voice forwarding

  • Voicemail

  • Waiter status

  • Missed call

  • Voice record

  • Queue management board

  • queue control

  • unified number

  • ringtone music

  • Call queue

  • PIN code setting

  • phone records

  • phone status

  • Missed call history

  • Customer follow-up

  • Queue management

  • multi-party conference

  • Call function

  • do not disturb mode

  • Special ringtone

  • report

  • Incoming call pop-up screen

  • User management

  • Interactive voice response

  • Caller ID function

  • Remote automatic wiring system

  • One click recording

  • DID


Compatible with the following brands of IP PBX

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PBX Buddy


Call Buddy is a system that is compatible with different brands of IP PBX.
As long as you use the following brands of IP PBX, CALL BUDDY can be compatible with them, realize call management and function integration, and provide a unified management platform to facilitate daily communication operations and management of enterprises.

Yeastar :



Grandstream :


UCM6202 A
UCM6204 A
UCM6208 A

PBX Buddy :



New Rock :


Issabel IP PBX

Issabel Cloud PBX

Asterisk :

Asterisk-based IP PBX

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