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Linkus web Client

Combine calling,

meeting,collaboration,and more in one place.


Simplify your way of communication ‧ Increase productivity


The modern workplace is driven by digital transformation, and companies are looking for smarter ways to communicate. This is where the Linkus Web Client comes in. Specially built for Yeastar P series IP PBX system, it is a unified communication application based entirely on the browser, with a series of key business functions, which can help today's agile employees to communicate and collaborate smoothly and efficiently inside and outside the enterprise. organization.

Local contact

Efficiently create, manage and click-to-dial corporate contacts or your personal contacts on the Linkus Web Client.


See when someone left you a voice message, its duration and file size. You can play, download and delete voice mail, or just call back on the web.


Check the real-time availability of your colleagues before contacting. Determine the best time and method to contact them on the first try.

call records

View missed, dialed and received calls and recordings in the Web client, and call back directly to provide greater convenience.

Instant messaging

Start one-to-one or group conversion through file sharing to complement audio and video. Supports cross-client chat synchronization and instant notification.

Not only a web client

With specific permissions, you can directly access the call center console and operator panel on the Web client to complete more tasks.

WebRTC makes audio/video calls directly from a web browser


There is no need to install a softphone on your mobile phone or desktop, now you can make and receive calls directly through a web browser anytime, anywhere, and easily access all major phone system functions. Easily click to hold, mute, transfer, or even promote it to a video call during a call.

  • Make a call with one touch, whether it is audio or video.

  • Switch to video at any time during an audio call.

  • Initiate a new call while holding the current call.

Chrome extension: Lightweight web calling experience


Yeastar Linkus for Google is a Chrome extension, so you will not miss any calls, simplify dialing and improve efficiency. Install now and enjoy simpler and more direct network communication.

  • Even if the browser is closed, the incoming call will pop up.

  • Audio and video calls allow CTI, transfer, hold, etc.

  • Click to dial phone numbers on web pages such as CRM.

  • Use the dial pad or search for extensions and contacts.

  • Change your online status and view your colleagues.

  • Receive immediate notification of missed calls and new voice mails.

Video conference for face-to-face interaction


For budget SMEs who don't want to invest in expensive conference services, the P series PBX system introduces a simple and effective integrated video conferencing solution to help you bring your team and customers closer, no matter where they are. On the web client, you can:

  • Click to initiate and join instant or scheduled meetings

  • Generate meeting links to invite colleagues and clients

  • View and listen to other participants in full HD

  • Share your screen and chat in real time during the meeting

Stay in touch anytime, anywhere with secure and easy remote access


For a rapidly increasing mobile and globally distributed workforce, stable and secure remote connections with colleagues and customers have never been more important. Don't worry, let the remote access service do the work!

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