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Cloud Fax Server Solution

Grandstream Fax Server is a powerful cloud fax server solution. It provides efficient, secure and reliable fax communication for small and medium-sized enterprises and office environments. With Grandstream Fax Server, you can easily send and receive faxes and enjoy the convenience of digital faxing. It provides an intuitive user interface, automatic resend function and security measures to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your fax communications. In addition, it also has monitoring and management functions, allowing you to easily grasp the status of fax activities. This excellent fax server solution not only improves efficiency and cost savings, but also will bring a more convenient and secure fax communication experience to your business.

Fax Server Advantages


Cost saving


Convenient and easy to use


Digital Fax


Monitoring and management


Security and Privacy

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Fax Send

Enter the fax number, upload the PDF file and click Send to send the fax. You can see the status and result of the fax in the Send Progress.

Fax receiving

Faxes can be received and forwarded to designated users or departments. Users can view and manage received faxes via email or web interface.

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Fax To Email

Fax can be sent to Email

Security and reliability

It provides strict security measures to protect the privacy and confidentiality of fax communications. It also has an automatic resend function to ensure reliable delivery of faxes.

Management and Monitoring

The fax server provides an easy-to-use management interface - Wave, which allows users to easily configure and monitor the operation status of the fax server. It also provides detailed logs and reports for analyzing and tracking fax activities.

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