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Call Buddy Functions

PBX Buddy is an advanced IP phone system specially designed for small and medium businesses.


Agent panel

1 / Real-time caller information 

Displays caller information for the current call and retains the data until the next call. Allows agents to quickly view customer details on subsequent calls.

4 / Call records

This feature displays the last 10 call logs, providing clear details of the caller and receiver. This includes information such as call duration, call status (answered or not answered), and whether the call was transferred to another colleague.

7 / Ringing

The callers currently dialing the hotline are displayed. The agent can click "Answer" to answer the call or ''seize the line''.

2 / Quickly add

When a new call is received and there is no existing record, agents can quickly add customer information in "My Talking Clients". In this way, the recorded information will be easily accessible in future calls.

5 / Call recording

Agents can replay recordings of previous calls to ensure accurate information retrieval and analysis.

8 / Agent status

The extension function displays the colleague's internal number and call status, such as idle, in call, resting, offline, etc. Agents can customize the people displayed.

3 / Task

When a caller contacts an agent, the My Talking Clients section displays existing information related to the task, such as product inquiries, quotes obtained, or orders placed. Agents can also create new task records to track progress or assign new tasks.

6 / Voicemail

When an agent is unavailable to answer an incoming call, the customer's voice message is stored in voicemail. Agents can listen to recorded messages from customers.

9 /  Answer today (queue)

Quickly display the day's answer rate in a graph, showing the number of calls answered and unanswered. This helps agents effectively monitor their performance and call volume.

Line status

1 / Show employee status 

Display the colleague's internal number and call status, such as: idle, incoming call, active call, rest, offline, etc.

2 / Click to dial

Click on the colleague you want to call and select the displayed number (DOD) to dial quickly.

3 / Search function

Users can enter quotas or extension numbers to search, making it easier to search for targets among a large number of users.


Queue panel

1 / Queue status

Users can easily understand the proportion of successfully answered and unanswered calls on the day, as well as the distribution of the number of calls in different time periods. Charts like this can help users quickly understand their calls throughout the day.

4 / Number of people in call queue

Real-time display of how many callers are waiting to be answered.

2 / Real-time Miss Call Ratio

Display the Miss Call ratio of the day in an intuitive way to achieve a reminder effect.

5 / Employee queue status

Display the call status of colleagues in the queue.

3 / Answer ranking

The chart shows the ranking of calls answered on the day, improving employee efficiency and enhancing employee morale.

Queue control

1 / Change employee’s queue status

Administrators can quickly change employees' status and manage phone deployment for different departments.

2 / Change everything with one click

Just click On/Break/Off, and everyone in the selected queue will directly change to the selected state.

3 / Lock employee status

Necessary employees in the queue can be locked and the status cannot be changed until unlocked.

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