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Embrace the versatility of IP Phones;

No need for personal devices when seamless communication is just a click away.

Intuitive interface

Call Buddy's intuitive and streamlined user interface ensures a seamless experience, allowing even novice users to effortlessly navigate and leverage its comprehensive features with remarkable ease and clarity


No need for additional hardware investments

Call Buddy's IP Phone service seamlessly integrates with your existing computer or mobile device, enabling you to harness its capabilities through a simple web browser, significantly reducing telephony costs.

Excellent sound quality

Experience unparalleled audio quality with Call Buddy's industry-leading voice codec technology, delivering high-fidelity, low-latency, and interference-resistant calls that minimize distortion, ensuring smooth and natural conversations every time.


Supports multi-person conference

Supports multi-person conference calls to facilitate remote collaboration and meetings.

Auto Call recording

Calls can be automatically recorded, and the recording files will be saved in the system space for easy query and sharing in the future. The call recording function helps archive records for future reference and improves work efficiency.

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